With the necessary didactic and technical equipment, remote training can be carried out very successfully.

In many countries, strong contact restrictions are being discussed again, Austria is already in lockdown. Difficult times for companies with a need for staff training. According to current surveys, this need remains unbroken. It even might be particularly acute, just think of the necessary changes in the direction of hybrid sales and hybrid customer contact and support.

Remote training in the form of webinars offers a solution. However, many companies report disappointing experiences in this regard. A less than appealing process, for example, or poor results in practical implementation are repeatedly cited as reasons for a lack of acceptance and thus a lack of training success. It doesn’t have to be this way. With the necessary experience and the right didactic and technical equipment, remote trainings can be carried out very successfully. Rather, in the last year and a half, there have been repeated great advantages of training programs that include several shorter remote training sessions over a longer period of time – in contrast to classic two- to three-day seminars. In this way, the important interconnection of what has been learned with personal work practice is usually particularly successful.

However, with remote training, a lot has to be done very differently than with classic training settings, including:

  • Specific didactics with adapted interaction lengths, breaks, communication rules, etc.
  • The participants must be prepared individually for the remote training situation
  • Visualizations and communication style of the trainer
  • You need your own strategies to onboard participants or entire teams with different technical development levels and framework conditions and take them with you

An additional advantage arises with remote training in particular due to the comparatively much lower opportunity costs. Travel costs and times, hotel costs, absence times, etc. are not incurred to the same extent as with conventional face-to-face training.

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