A Question of Authenticity

Attitudes and behavior of individuals within their private lives can often differ considerably from those within their business lives. This discrepancy often exists as an unspoken taboo and thus it´s implications are ignored.

Consequences for companies

If important aspects of the attitudes and behavior of staff do not clearly match the vision and objectives of the company, this can lead to inefficiency, incoherence and friction within the organisation. Such employees can project a distorted company vision. This is neither favourable to the company and nor does it correspond to the demands of the market. Customers and clients may feel constrained in arriving at their decisions and the image as well as the profitability of the company can be negatively affected. This can also generate mistrust in the mind of the client.

Common Solutions Fail

Conventional interventions and training activities address the surface only, the visible behaviour of employees. The real causes of this lack of authenticity – the beliefs, values and attitude of the employees – mostly remain unaddressed.

Here is Where We Start

Beyond implementing effective transformation processes and training concepts, our consulting and training services are based on a systemic approach and thus always designed and implemented in a way that leads to best and most sustainable results. UPGRADE´s approach changes employee´s behaviour by developing their skills and capabilities, and by helping them identify and adapt the beliefs and values relevant to work. This leads to more fulfilled individuals and helps our customers develop company-vision-driven employees who are aware of the company´s vision, deliberately identify with it and congruently transfer it to the market.


We believe that an individual is able to attain congruence in business when he or she is fully conscious of the gap between their private personality and the attitudes, behaviour, actions and intentions required in business. This congruence is accomplished when the individual is willing and able to align one´s own aspirations with the common goals.